Our economy is efficient but hard to control and leads to inequality and unemployment. Some want a simpler life, where they are more in control of their lives. One of the main topics I plan to investigate in this blog is: Can we get the best of both worlds?
Opharmia was originally about bioinformatics, but currently it's about exploring my ideas on how to sort out our economy. Some posts are likely to include a bit about bioinformatics though, and maybe one day it will be the main focus of the site again.
Classical economics explains how a free market brings many benefits, but many people seem to lose out. Is there a way that we can make sure everyone gets a share of the wealth a free market economy is so good at creating? READ MORE
I've decided that this blog will focus on economics for a while. READ MORE
PUBLISHED Jan 11, 2016. A new look at economics
Systems, whether biological or economic, ought to tend towards equilibrium. But they don't.There has to be something else going on. READ MORE
PUBLISHED Aug 14, 2015. Command and Control?
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